description[mirror] libpcap incomplete works
last changeMon, 17 Feb 2014 19:12:58 +0000 (14:12 -0500)
2014-02-17  Michael Richardsoncopy config.h from subdirectory on Android rather than... android-libpcap-0.9.8
2014-02-17  Michael RichardsonMerge branch 'android-libpcap-0.9.8' into
2014-02-17  Michael Richardsonremoved all Android files
2014-02-17  Jean-Baptiste... Add an empty
2014-02-17  Michael RichardsonInitial Contribution
2010-03-09  Jean-Baptiste... Add an empty android-2.2.1_r1 android-2.2.1_r2 android-2.2.2_r1 android-2.2.3_r1 android-2.2.3_r2 android-2.2.3_r2.1 android-2.2_r1 android-2.2_r1.1 android-2.2_r1.2 android-2.2_r1.3 android-2.3.1_r1 android-2.3.2_r1 android-2.3.3_r1 android-2.3.3_r1.1 android-2.3.4_r0.9 android-2.3.4_r1 android-2.3.5_r1 android-2.3.6_r0.9 android-2.3.6_r1 android-2.3.7_r1 android-2.3_r1 android-4.0.1_r1 android-4.0.1_r1.1 android-4.0.1_r1.2 android-4.0.2_r1 android-4.0.3_r1 android-4.0.3_r1.1 android-4.0.4_r1 android-4.0.4_r1.1 android-4.0.4_r1.2 android-4.0.4_r2 android-4.0.4_r2.1 android-4.1.1_r1 android-4.1.1_r1.1 android-4.1.1_r2 android-4.1.1_r3 android-4.1.1_r4 android-4.1.1_r5 android-4.1.1_r6 android-4.1.1_r6.1 android-4.1.2_r1 android-4.1.2_r2 android-4.1.2_r2.1 android-4.2.1_r1 android-4.2.1_r1.1 android-4.2.1_r1.2 android-4.2.2_r1 android-4.2.2_r1.1 android-4.2.2_r1.2 android-4.2_r1 android-4.3.1_r1 android-4.3_r0.9 android-4.3_r0.9.1 android-4.3_r1 android-4.3_r1.1 android-4.3_r2 android-4.3_r2.1 android-4.3_r2.2 android-4.3_r2.3 android-4.3_r3 android-4.3_r3.1 android-4.4.1_r1 android-4.4.2_r1 android-4.4_r0.7 android-4.4_r0.8 android-4.4_r0.9 android-4.4_r1 android-4.4_r1.1 android-4.4_r1.2 android-cts-2.2_r8 android-cts-2.3_r10 android-cts-2.3_r11 android-cts-2.3_r12 android-cts-4.0.3_r1 android-cts-4.0.3_r2 android-cts-4.0_r1 android-cts-4.1_r1 android-cts-4.1_r2 android-cts-4.2_r1 android-cts-4.2_r2 android-cts-4.4_r1 android-cts-verifier-4.0.3_r1 android-cts-verifier-4.0_r1 android-sdk-4.0.3-tools_r1 android-sdk-4.0.3_r1 android-sdk-4.4.2_r1 android-sdk-adt_r16.0.1 android-sdk-adt_r20 android-sdk-support_r11
2010-02-05  The Android... reconcile main tree with open-source eclair
2010-01-29  The Android... reconcile android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2010-01-12  The Android... android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2009-07-26  Jean-Baptiste... reconcile korg/master into goog/master android-2.0.1_r1 android-2.0_r1 android-2.1_r1 android-2.1_r2 android-2.1_r2.1p android-2.1_r2.1p2 android-2.1_r2.1s
2009-07-26  Jean-Baptiste... Merge korg/donut into korg/master
2009-05-27  Iliyan Malchevam f341270e: remove a *.orig file left over from a...
2009-04-28  Iliyan Malchevremove a *.orig file left over from a merge android-1.6_r1 android-1.6_r1.1 android-1.6_r1.2 android-1.6_r1.3 android-1.6_r1.4 android-1.6_r1.5 android-1.6_r2
2009-04-23  Jean-Baptiste... Merge donut into master
2009-03-29  The Android... Merge branch 'open_source_no_contributions' into google...
2009-03-18  Jean-Baptiste... Merge commit 'remotes/korg/cupcake' into cupcake_to_master
7 years ago android-sdk-4.4.2_r1 Android SDK 4.4.2 Release 1
8 years ago android-4.4.2_r1 Android 4.4.2 Release 1
8 years ago android-4.4.1_r1 Android 4.4.1 Release 1
8 years ago android-cts-4.4_r1 Android CTS 4.4 Release 1.0
8 years ago android-4.4_r1.2 Android 4.4 Release 1.2
8 years ago android-4.4_r1.1 Android 4.4 Release 1.1
8 years ago android-4.4_r1 Android 4.4 Release 1.0
8 years ago android-4.4_r0.9 Android 4.4 Release 0.9
8 years ago android-4.4_r0.8 Android 4.4 Release 0.8
8 years ago android-4.4_r0.7 Android 4.4 Release 0.7
8 years ago android-4.3.1_r1 Android 4.3.1 Release 1
8 years ago android-4.3_r3.1 Android 4.3 Release 3.1
8 years ago android-4.3_r2.3 Android 4.3 release 2.3
8 years ago android-4.3_r3 Android 4.3 release 3.0
8 years ago android-4.3_r2.2 Android 4.3 release 2.2
8 years ago android-4.3_r1.1 Android 4.3 release 1.1
7 years ago android-libpcap-0.9.8
12 years ago libpcap_1_0_rel0b
21 years ago linux-2-2-packet
22 years ago lbl