32 hours ago  Francois-Xavier... Remove unused files Win32/Prj/* master
8 days ago  Denis OvsienkoImprove formatting and structure in [skip ci]
8 days ago  Francois-Xavier... Remove trailing spaces/tabs
9 days ago  Denis OvsienkoDeclutter the documentation a bit. [skip ci]
2021-11-24  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #1061 from eexarevsky/zboss_ncp_dlt_...
2021-11-22  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1069 from davidkaroly/pr/haiku...
2021-11-22  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1068 from davidkaroly/pr/haiku...
2021-11-22  David KarolyHaiku: adjust snaplen 1069/head
2021-11-22  David KarolyHaiku: implement pcap_lib_version 1068/head
2021-11-20  Denis Ovsienkoman: Prevent e-mail address hyphenation. [skip ci]
2021-11-18  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1067 from nmap/npf-pcap-create-err coverity_scan
2021-11-17  Denis OvsienkoRefine a bit. [skip ci]
2021-11-16  Daniel MillerNPF: improve error handling in pcap_create_interface() 1067/head
2021-11-14  Denis Refine Markdown, mention CMake. [skip ci]
2021-11-14  Francois-Xavier... Remove the non-existent 'net' symlink from
2021-11-14  Francois-Xavier... Update for, pcap...
2021-11-14  Francois-Xavier... Remove pcap-nit.h and pcap-pf.h from
2021-11-14  Francois-Xavier... Update for filtertest.c and findalldevstest.c
2021-11-14  Francois-Xavier... Remove acconfig.h from
2021-11-14  Francois-Xavier... Remove pcap-stdinc.h from
2021-11-13  Guy HarrisNPF: Clean up indentation.
2021-11-13  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1064 from nmap/npf-create-fix
2021-11-13  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1063 from nmap/cleanup-device
2021-11-12  Daniel MillerError if driver reports 0 timestamp modes supported 1064/head
2021-11-12  Daniel MillerSet errmsg for pcap_create_npf, do not succeed if Packe...
2021-11-12  Daniel MillerMove all cleanup actions to pcap_cleanup_live_common 1063/head
2021-11-08  Eugene ExarevskyAdd references to ZBOSS NCP protocol description 1061/head
2021-11-06  Guy HarrisNPF: fix wrong variable name.
2021-11-06  Guy HarrisNPF: handle ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION from PacketGetTimest...
2021-11-03  Guy HarrisFix comments.
2021-11-03  Denis Ovsienkodoc: Refine Markdown in [skip ci]
2021-11-03  Eugene ExarevskyAdded linktype for ZBOSS NCP setial protocol.
2021-11-03  Guy HarrisUse PACKET_COUNT_IS_UNLIMITED() in pcap_offline_read().
2021-11-02  Guy HarrisFix pcap_offline_read() loop.
2021-11-02  Guy HarrisFix pcap_dispatch() to return number of packets process...
2021-10-27  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1058 from nmap/wpcap-dll-rc-version
2021-10-27  Daniel MillerUse correct strings for DLL VersionInfo 1058/head
2021-10-20  Guy HarrisRevert "linux: clean up the SocketCAN header for classi...
2021-10-20  Guy Harrislinux: clean up the SocketCAN header for classic CAN...
2021-10-12  Guy Harrislinux: clean up possibly-uninitialized data in the...
2021-10-10  Guy Harrislinux: use DLT_CAN_SOCKETCAN for CANbus interfaces.
2021-10-05  Guy Harrislinux: null handlep->oneshot_buffer after freeing it.
2021-09-23  Guy Harrislinux: fix check for CAN/CAN FD packets in the directio...
2021-09-14  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine GCC identification. [skip appveyor]
2021-09-13  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1039 from gokulkumar792/add_bar_and...
2021-09-03  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #1008 from HilscherAutomation/master
2021-08-17  Denis OvsienkoCI: Add MAKE_BIN to allow non-default makes. [skip ci]
2021-08-17  Denis OvsienkoDocument some OpenIndiana particulars. [skip ci]
2021-08-16  Denis Ovsienkodoc: Note some more AIX particulars. [skip ci]
2021-08-15  Denis Ovsienkodoc: Add [skip ci]
2021-08-15  Denis Ovsienkodoc: Say, not INSTALL.txt. [skip ci]
2021-08-14  Guy Harrispcap-filter: note that = and == are the same relational...
2021-08-11  Guy Harrisgencode.c: put the include of gencode.h back after...
2021-08-11  Guy Harrisgencode.c: don't include grammar.h.
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisFix a comment. [skip ci]
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisAdd the minimum and maximum matching DLTs to an error...
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisClean up comments. [skip ci]
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisCorrect a comment. [skip ci]
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisHandle XL C a bit more like the other compilers.
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisAdd comments and indentation to make the tests easier...
2021-08-11  Denis OvsienkoFixup the previous commit.
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoFix compiling on Solaris 11.4/AMD64.
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoAdd multiple inclusion guards to gencode.h. [skip ci]
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoRefine the #ifndef guard in charconv.h. [skip ci]
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoFix get_if_flags() signature after commit ff647f1....
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoDo not define __EXTENSIONS__ if already defined. [skip ci]
2021-08-10  Denis Ovsienkoconfigure: Fix a yacc/bison error message. [skip ci]
2021-08-06  Denis OvsienkoUse __builtin_unreachable(). [skip ci]
2021-08-04  Denis OvsienkoCI: Get randomness right in mktempdir_diy(). [skip ci]
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Fix EXTRA_CFLAGS after commit 29d7856. [skip...
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoCI: Disable pcap-linux.c exemption with remarks. [skip...
2021-08-02  Denis OvsienkoPort XL C updates into compiler-tests.h. [skip appveyor]
2021-08-02  Guy Harrispcap-config: don't provide -L/usr/lib for pkg-config...
2021-08-01  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a warning in pcap_open_offline_with_tstamp_prec...
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoCI: Squelch shellcheck warnings. [skip ci]
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Build valgrindtest only if Autoconf would. ...
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Handle EXTRA_CFLAGS w/o add_compile_options().
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoDefine DIAG_OFF_FORMAT_TRUNCATION better.
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoCI: Introduce and use LIBPCAP_TAINTED. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoAddress two truncation warnings in pcap_open_live().
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoCI: Port some improvements from tcpdump. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-30  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a few warnings on AIX. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-30  Denis Expand the flex error message. [skip ci]
2021-07-28  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1038 from mruprich/pathstr_leak
2021-07-28  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Reduce freebsd-amd64 footprint a bit.
2021-07-28  Denis OvsienkoCI: Copy from tcpdump.
2021-07-28  Gokul SivakumarIEEE 802.11: add support to filter Block Ack Req &... 1039/head
2021-07-27  Michal RuprichPossible resource leak in pcap-linux.c 1038/head
2021-07-25  Guy Harrisconfigure: use AC_COMPILE_IFELSE() and AC_LANG_SOURCE...
2021-07-25  Guy Harrisconfigure: AC_TRY_COMPILE() generates a return; don...
2021-07-25  Guy Harrisconfigure: use ac_c_werror_flag to force unknown compil...
2021-07-23  Denis OvsienkoGet "make shellcheck" to pass again. [skip ci]
2021-07-22  Denis OvsienkoFix "make releasetar" on Solaris as well. [skip ci]
2021-07-22  Guy Harrisrpcapd: clean up the code to fill in the struct rpcap_f...
2021-07-22  Guy HarrisClean up the arguments to sock_bufferize().
2021-07-22  Guy Harrisrpcap: don't do pointless integer->string and then...
2021-07-21  Denis OvsienkoCI: Port recent improvements from tcpslice. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-21  Guy Harrisrpcapd: note the alignment issue, get rid of an extra...
2021-07-21  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #1037 from lordrasmus/master
2021-07-21  raminfix unaligned access to structs in daemon_msg_findallif... 1037/head