24 hours ago  Denis OvsienkoRemove an unused script. [skip ci] master
2 days ago  Denis Ovsienkoman: Punctuate "RFC" properly. [skip ci]
6 days ago  Denis OvsienkoTreat "msys" as Windows for test exit statuses. [skip ci]
9 days ago  Francois-Xavier... IPX: Add two length checks coverity_scan
9 days ago  Francois-Xavier... man: Update the date
9 days ago  Francois-Xavier... man: Update the print interface for the packet count...
10 days ago  Francois-Xavier... ZEP: Add three length checks
2021-11-24  Denis OvsienkoUse a sizeof() in bgp_rt_prefix_print(). [skip ci]
2021-11-21  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Add a length check
2021-11-21  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Rework the length checks
2021-11-19  Denis OvsienkoRefine INSTALL.txt. [skip ci]
2021-11-16  Guy Harris802.15.4: fix some compiler warnings.
2021-11-16  Guy Harris802.15.4: fix various length checks and other issues.
2021-11-16  Guy HarrisLISP: don't decrement count variables unless we know...
2021-11-16  Guy HarrisUpdate BGP tests for the new check we do.
2021-11-15  Guy HarrisBGP: make sure the path attributes don't go past the...
2021-11-14  Denis OvsienkoUpdate eapon1-v.out to match the change to the EAP...
2021-11-14  Denis OvsienkoRevert "EAP: back out the two trailing-comma changes."
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisEAP: back out the two trailing-comma changes.
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisUpdate eapon1-v-nosmb.out to match the change to the...
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisEAP: get rid of trailing commas in lists.
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisEAP: clean up white space.
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisEAP: add some more length checks.
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisEAP: label length mismatch as a possible EAP fragment.
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisEAP: no need for the count variable to be signed.
2021-11-14  Guy HarrisUpdate some comments with new RFC numbers.
2021-11-10  Rui PauloAdd a test case for QUIC retry packets.
2021-11-09  Francois-Xavier... QUIC: Fix getting packet type in Long Header
2021-11-09  Francois-Xavier... Document "-T quic"
2021-11-09  fxlbMerge pull request #943 from rpaulo/quic
2021-11-09  Rui PauloInitial support to parse QUIC packets. 943/head
2021-11-04  Francois-Xavier... EAP: Fix some undefined behaviors at runtime
2021-11-04  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #954 from jiladahe1997/master
2021-11-04  Mingrui[bugfix]configure: fix error when cross-compile 954/head
2021-11-03  Francois-Xavier... sFlow: Add a length check
2021-11-02  Quentin ArmitageVRRP: Add support for IPv6
2021-11-02  Francois-Xavier... lwres: Update a variable type
2021-11-01  Francois-Xavier... Assign ndo->ndo_packetp in pretty_print_packet()
2021-10-31  Francois-Xavier... Use __func__ from C99 in two function calls
2021-10-27  Francois-Xavier... Rename a pcapng test file to .pcapng
2021-10-21  Francois-Xavier... VRRP: Print the protocol name before any GET_()
2021-10-20  Denis Ovsienkoman: Fixup some formatting. [skip ci]
2021-10-09  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #941.
2021-10-09  Donatas Abraitistests: Add a pcap test for BGP link-bandwidth extended... 941/head
2021-10-09  Donatas Abraitisbgp: Decode BGP link-bandwidth extended community properly
2021-10-06  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #889 from westermo/dsa-vid
2021-10-05  Tobias WaldekranzDSA: Correctly determine VID 889/head
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoMove the backported items to 4.99.2 in CHANGES. [skip ci]
2021-09-27  Francois-Xavier... lwres: Fix a length check
2021-09-15  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine GCC identification. [skip appveyor]
2021-09-13  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #926 from gokulkumar792/print_Block_...
2021-09-04  a1346054Remove last remaining trailing whitespace
2021-08-25  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #924 from gokulkumar792/print_meshid
2021-08-22  Gokul SivakumarIEEE 802.11: Add a test to check the 802.11s Mesh ID... 924/head
2021-08-22  Gokul SivakumarIEEE 802.11: include the "Mesh ID" field while printing...
2021-08-18  RuiMPTCP: Add missing MP_CAPABLE Flags 934/head
2021-08-17  Denis OvsienkoCI: Add MAKE_BIN to allow non-default makes. [skip ci]
2021-08-17  Denis OvsienkoDocument some OpenIndiana particulars. [skip ci]
2021-08-17  Denis OvsienkoCI: Clean in ../libpcap only if present. [skip ci]
2021-08-16  Denis OvsienkoFixup commit 604cd4a for OpenIndiana.
2021-08-15  Francois-Xavier... Use more the ND_TCHECK_1() macro
2021-08-15  Francois-Xavier... Use more the ND_TCHECK_1() macro
2021-08-15  Denis OvsienkoUse __builtin_unreachable(). [skip ci]
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisRemove the space I added to provoke a rebuild.
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisAdd a space at the end of the first line, to provoke...
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisConsistenly use "XYZZY compiler M.N and later". [skip ci]
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisGet rid of duplicate definition of __has_attribute.
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisFix a comment. [skip ci]
2021-08-11  Guy HarrisMake the tests a bit easier to read.
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoDo not define __EXTENSIONS__ if already defined. [skip ci]
2021-08-08  Guy HarrisTell CMake not to check for a C++ compiler.
2021-08-08  Guy HarrisOn Solaris, for 64-bit builds, use the 64-bit pcap...
2021-08-05  Denis OvsienkoUse basename() and dirname() right on FreeBSD. [skip...
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoFix auto-enabling of Capsicum on FreeBSD with Autoconf...
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a warning with Capsicum enabled. [skip appveyor]
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Fix EXTRA_CFLAGS after commit cae0c65. [skip...
2021-08-03  Guy Harrisconfigure: special-case macOS /usr/bin/pcap-config...
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoDefine PRINTFLIKE_FUNCPTR() exactly for XL C. [skip...
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoCI: Get randomness right in mktempdir_diy(). [skip ci]
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoCI: Put a misplaced comment right in [skip ci]
2021-08-01  Denis OvsienkoMove capdns from tcpdump.c to addrtoname.c.
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Handle EXTRA_CFLAGS w/o add_compile_options...
2021-07-31  Denis OvsienkoLose two unused macros in diag-control.h. [skip ci]
2021-07-30  Denis OvsienkoCI: Explain useful side effects of "-D" and "-J". ...
2021-07-30  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Add a way to request -Werror and equivalents.
2021-07-30  Denis OvsienkoCI: Port recent improvements from tcpslice. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-29  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Fixup the previous commit. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-29  Denis Ovsienkonetdissect.h requires funcattrs.h
2021-07-29  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Refine resource allocation for freebsd....
2021-07-28  Gokul SivakumarIEEE 802.11: include the "TA" field while printing... 926/head
2021-07-27  Denis OvsienkoAddress some issues with XL C on Linux/POWER9.
2021-07-26  Denis OvsienkoCI: Make MATRIX_CC loop the outermost.
2021-07-26  Denis OvsienkoCI: Print dynamic dependencies early. [skip ci]
2021-07-26  Denis OvsienkoCI: GCC can appear as "egcc" on OpenBSD. [skip ci]
2021-07-26  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a noreturn warning on AIX. [skip ci]
2021-07-25  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine C compilers handling. [skip appveyor]
2021-07-25  Denis OvsienkoMend "make check" on Solaris 9 (Autoconf only).
2021-07-25  Guy Harrisconfigure: use AC_COMPILE_IFELSE() and AC_LANG_SOURCE...
2021-07-25  Guy Harrisconfigure: use ac_c_werror_flag to force unknown compil...
2021-07-24  Denis OvsienkoFixup the previous commit for GCC. [skip ci]