2015-05-20  Francois-Xavier... SFLOW: Fix bounds checking tcpdump-4.4
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisFix the pointer tests in the non-ndoified TTEST2()...
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisAC_TYPE_UINTPTR_T requires a newer autoconf.
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisC compilers can, and some do, optimize away pointer...
2015-03-01  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snaplength when printing a packet...
2015-01-06  Guy HarrisCheck not just the capture length but the on-the-networ...
2015-01-06  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snapshot length when doing hex/ASCII...
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisDo bounds checking when unescaping PPP.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisThe interval in an AODV HELLO extension is not aligned...
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisDon't subtract the UDP header size from the length...
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisUse the length field in the UDP header.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisReport a too-long unreachable destination list.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisNot using offsetof() any more, so no need for <stddef.h>.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisFurther cleanups.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisClean up error message printing.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisAdd initial bounds check, get rid of union aodv.
2014-11-19  Guy HarrisDo more bounds checking and length checking.
2013-07-31  Guy HarrisFix potential (but not actual) buffer overflow risk.
2013-07-31  Jakub ZawadzkiFix possible buffer overflow while doing sscanf()
2013-06-23  Guy HarrisSome changes didn't make it into 4.4.0.
2013-05-06  Wim Torfsnew test for DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO w/ext. bitmap
2013-05-06  Denis Ovsienkofix bug #303 (DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO ext. bitmaps)
2013-05-06  Guy HarrisFix error in my previous commit.
2013-05-06  Guy HarrisRename a variable to attempt to fix an AIX compile...
2013-05-06  Guy HarrisNot all platforms on which we compile define PRI[doux]16.
2013-05-06  fxlb.gitignore: add autom4te.cache/
2013-05-06  Denis Ovsienkounset executable bit on a few .h and .c files
2013-05-06  Denis Ovsienkofix year for 4.3.0 in CHANGES
2013-05-06  Denis OvsienkoFix off-by-one error in print-rx.c
2013-05-06  Guy HarrisAvoid bitfields, unaligned accesses, packed structures...
2013-05-06  Guy HarrisFix some compiler warnings from the previous checkin.
2013-05-06  Gregory DetalFix MPTCP support
2013-05-05  Guy HarrisPut mptcp.h into the release tarball.
2013-04-16  Guy HarrisPoint people to the the-tcpdump-group repositories...
2013-04-15  Guy HarrisFix some compiler warnings.
2013-04-15  Michael Richardsonadded Ruben
2013-04-15  Denis Ovsienkoimprove ZeroMQ support (ZMTP/1.0 inside PGM/EPGM)
2013-04-15  Denis Ovsienkouse existing PGM decoder for UDP-encapsulated PGM
2013-04-15  Denis Ovsienkoadd a test case for native PGM
2013-04-15  Denis Ovsienkofix two issues with PGM length handling
2013-04-15  Denis Ovsienkofix two printf format strings
2013-04-15  fxlbChange C++ style comments to C style comments
2013-04-14  Denis Ovsienkouse macros for VAT and WB port numbers
2013-04-14  Gregory DetalMultipath TCP (RFC 6824) support
2013-04-14  Alexandra KossovskyIf we get SIGCHLD, restart whatever system call it...
2013-04-14  Guy HarrisThere's another Cisco-private encapsulation of BPDUs.
2013-04-06  Guy HarrisNote that we fixed the IPv6 check for Solaris.
2013-04-06  Guy HarrisCheck for extra networking libraries before checking...
2013-03-29  Ruben KerkhofAdd tests for wrong agent-id
2013-03-29  fxlbfix function 'msnlb_print', unused parameter 'length'
2013-03-29  Ruben Kerkhofprint-sflow.c: print agent_id instead of samples
2013-03-29  Wesley ShieldsStop reading multiple files properly on cleanup.
2013-03-27  Guy HarrisDon't print the SPB stuff in non-verbose mode.
2013-03-26  Gisle VanemGet rid of declarations in the middle of code; they...
2013-03-26  Guy HarrisFix handling of V3 and V4 BPDUs.
2013-03-26  Guy HarrisDeclare vxlan_print() and otv_print() in interface...
2013-03-26  Guy HarrisWe don't define PRIu8 or PRIx8 if the C environment...
2013-03-26  Guy HarrisAdd some additional changes.
2013-03-19  Michael Richardsonupdated for version 4.4
2013-03-15  Guy HarrisPoint people to GitHub rather than Sourceforge for...
2013-02-26  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #54 from ffatghub/master
2013-02-26  Francesco Fondelli- Add support for OTV (draft-hasmit-otv-04).
2013-02-25  Francesco FondelliMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-02-25  Francesco FondelliAdd support for VXLAN (draft-mahalingam-dutt-dcops...
2013-02-25  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #51 from orebokech/msnlb-printer
2013-02-25  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #52 from fenner/master
2013-02-23  Romain FrancoiseAdd two MS NLB test captures
2013-02-23  Romain FrancoiseAdd MS NLB heartbeat ethertype, as well as a basic...
2013-02-22  Bill FennerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-02-22  Michael Richardsonmake list of all relevant files in tests/ rather than...
2013-02-22  Michael Richardsonrename file to single case version
2013-02-13  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #48 from alagoutte/master
2013-02-13  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #49 from ajithadapa/master
2013-02-13  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #50 from infrastation/master
2013-02-11  Denis OvsienkoZeroMQ initial support (ZMTP/1.0 framing)
2013-02-11  Denis Ovsienkofix some PT_* macros indentation with tabs
2013-02-07  Ajith AdapaFixes-for-test-results
2013-02-07  Ajith AdapaMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2013-02-04  Alexis La GoutteUpdate to the final draft of RPKI-Router Protocol ...
2013-02-04  Alexis La GoutteThe port for RPKI-RTR (RFC6810) is now official (TCP...
2013-01-24  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #47 from Tilka/master
2013-01-19  Tillmann KarrasAdd some MLDv2 test packets
2013-01-18  Tillmann KarrasFix display of MLDv2 queries
2012-12-24  Guy HarrisIf we don't have IPv6 address support, don't try to...
2012-12-11  Guy HarrisMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-12-11  Guy HarrisLBL moved the old NRG stuff to an "old" directory....
2012-12-06  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #46 from fxlb/master
2012-12-05  fxlbprint-dhcp6.c: update of the references RFC with their...
2012-12-04  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #45 from fxlb/master
2012-12-03  fxlb.gitignore: add failure-outputs.txt
2012-12-03  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #39 from wxsBSD/master
2012-12-03  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #42 from fxlb/master
2012-12-03  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #44 from msabramo/travis_build_libpcap
2012-12-02  Marc Abramowitz.travis.yml: Do 2 Travis CI builds; one with building...
2012-12-01  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #43 from msabramo/travis_build_libpcap
2012-11-30  Guy HarrisGet rid of unnecessary assignment.
2012-11-30  Guy HarrisGet rid of unnecessary initialization.
2012-11-30  Marc Abramowitz.travis.yml: Build a fresh version of libpcap from
2012-11-30  Guy HarrisSquelch some warnings, and add some comments to clarify...
2012-11-30  Guy HarrisFix some more NAME_MAX->PATH_MAX and make some routines...