2015-05-20  Francois-Xavier... SFLOW: Fix bounds checking tcpdump-4.5
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisFix the pointer tests in the non-ndoified TTEST2()...
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisC compilers can, and some do, optimize away pointer...
2015-03-01  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snaplength when printing a packet...
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisCheck not just the capture length but the on-the-networ...
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snapshot length when doing hex/ASCII...
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snapshot length when doing hex/ASCII...
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisDo bounds checking when unescaping PPP.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisDon't subtract the UDP header size from the length...
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisUse the length field in the UDP header.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisReport a too-long unreachable destination list.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisNot using offsetof() any more, so no need for <stddef.h>.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisFurther cleanups.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisClean up error message printing.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisAdd initial bounds check, get rid of union aodv.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisDo more bounds checking and length checking.
2015-01-14  Guy HarrisDo bounds checking and length checking.
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisDo a bunch more length checking.
2014-02-16  Francois-Xavier... fix partial checksum errors in DCCP decoder, IPv6 case
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #364 from fxlb/dccp
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisFetch the sequence number the way we fetch the acknowle...
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisUse an 8-octet array when the ACK field is always 8...
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisGet rid of unused function.
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisAdd {40,48,56}-bit big-endian extract macros and use...
2014-02-16  Guy HarrisMark structures with UNALIGNED.
2014-02-15  Francois-Xavier... fix partial checksum errors in DCCP decoder, IPv4 case
2014-02-15  Denis Ovsienkoprint-pptp: add a missing break
2014-02-15  Francois-Xavier... print-pptp: pptp_result_code_print(): badly placed...
2014-02-03  Guy HarrisSupport -Q for setting the capture direction.
2014-02-03  Guy HarrisClean up the TLV processing loop.
2014-02-03  Guy HarrisWith -A and -AA, don't send CRs to the standard output.
2014-02-03  Guy HarrisUse the new libpcap <pcap/nflog.h> for NFLOG definition...
2014-02-02  Guy HarrisDo our own isascii(), isprint(), isgraph(), and toascii().
2014-02-01  Guy HarrisFix a compiler warning.
2014-02-01  Guy HarrisDon't use the __attribute__((packed)) on most platforms.
2014-01-20  Guy HarrisThe interval in an AODV HELLO extension is not aligned...
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisAs with memcpy, so with memcmp.
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisMore UNALIGNED_MEM{CPY,CMP} on IP addresses.
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisAnother case where UNALIGNED_MEMCPY() is probably neces...
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisNo need for casting back and forth.
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisOnly do the unaligned_mem{cpy,cmp} hack if necessary.
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisNo need to declare unaligned_mem{cpy,cmp} in netdissect...
2014-01-18  Guy HarrisMore possibly-unaligned memcpy()s and assignments ...
2014-01-17  Guy HarrisCheck for compiling for IPv6; don't check whether we...
2014-01-17  Guy HarrisUse unaligned_memcmp() to compare with IPv{4,6} address...
2014-01-17  Guy HarrisUse EXTRACT_nBITS even when just testing against zero.
2014-01-16  Guy HarrisFix some more unaligned accesses.
2014-01-16  Guy Harrismemcmp() doesn't modify either of its arguments.
2014-01-16  Guy HarrisRevert print-tcp memcpy() changes, and use unaligned_me...
2014-01-16  Gleb SmirnoffFix compilation warnings: set but unused variables.
2014-01-16  Gleb SmirnoffFix compilation warnings:
2014-01-16  Guy HarrisMove safememcpy() to util.c so it doesn't get inlined.
2014-01-16  Guy HarrisFix a bug the previous change made a bit more obvious.
2014-01-16  Guy HarrisDon't use a u_int16_t * to extract data from packets.
2014-01-15  Guy HarrisAdd changes for 4.5.1 and post-4.5.1 changes.
2014-01-15  Guy HarrisPoint to IP addresses with "void *"s.
2014-01-15  Guy HarrisMark the TCP header structure as unaligned.
2013-12-15  Denis Ovsienkofix reference in tcpdump.1
2013-11-20  Michael Richardsonbumped VERSION to 4.5.1 tcpdump-4.5.1
2013-11-11  Denis Ovsienkofixup credits
2013-11-07  Michael Richardsonset VERSION
2013-11-07  Michael Richardsonset version
2013-11-07  Michael Richardsonbumped version
2013-11-07  Michael Richardsonupdated changes and credits tcpdump-4.5.0
2013-11-07  Denis Ovsienkoprint-tcp: add some NFS printing finish
2013-11-07  Longinus00print-tcp: move nfs specific dispacting to after the...
2013-11-07  Longinus00print-nfs: add versions of nfsreq_print and nfsreply_pr...
2013-10-31  Denis OvsienkoNFLOG: fix error message
2013-10-31  Denis OvsienkoNFLOG: more minor improvements
2013-10-29  Petarnflog - minor changes 337/head
2013-10-29  Denis Ovsienkoupdate URLs in the README
2013-10-29  Denis Ovsienkoremove some stray files
2013-10-26  Denis Ovsienkofix printing of unknown TCP options
2013-10-26  Denis Ovsienkofix flags printing tests
2013-10-21  Guy HarrisAdd -g3 on some platforms even if .devel isn't present.
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisPut lower-case letters before their upper-case equivale...
2013-10-18  Longinus00print-tcp: separate tcp_seq_hash into ipv4 and ipv6...
2013-10-18  Denis Ovsienkoadopt MacOS deprecation workaround from FreeRADIUS
2013-10-18  Denis OvsienkoBabel: improve printing of time intervals
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisExplain why we set -xansi -signed for MIPS C.
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisUpdate a comment for the previous commit.
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisWe no longer use the GCC version, so don't fetch it.
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisWith .devel, add -g3 for MIPS C and DEC C.
2013-10-18  Guy HarrisWe require autoconf 2.61 in; that suffices.
2013-10-17  Guy HarrisNote that clang, for example, is considered "gcc" by...
2013-10-17  Guy HarrisClean up handling of -g and -O flags.
2013-10-17  Guy HarrisNo C++/C99-style comments; not all C compilers necessar...
2013-10-16  Guy HarrisNot all compilers that can be used support C++/C99...
2013-10-16  Guy HarrisThat's, not
2013-10-16  Guy HarrisREADME got renamed to
2013-10-15  Denis Ovsienkomake pcap_setdirection() call conditional, GH #252
2013-10-14  Denis Ovsienkomind MSVC's UNALIGNED macro (GH #335 pt.2)
2013-10-12  Denis OvsienkoNFS: replace ino_t with u_int32_t (GH #335 pt. 1)
2013-10-11  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #334 from tejblum/float-store-2
2013-10-07  Dmitrij TejblumUse -ffloat-store while compiling if possible. 334/head
2013-10-07  Dmitrij TejblumSimplify AC_LBL_CHECK_COMPILER_OPT a bit.
2013-10-05  Longinus00merge 'threv' and 'rev' variables in print-tcp into...
2013-10-03  Denis Ovsienkoadd a TCP Fast Open test case
2013-10-03  Denis Ovsienkoadd a acomment to tcp_print()