2015-05-20  Guy HarrisFix the pointer tests in the non-ndoified TTEST2()... tcpdump-4.6
2015-05-20  Guy HarrisC compilers can, and some do, optimize away pointer...
2015-05-20  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snaplength when printing a packet...
2015-05-08  Francois-Xavier... SFLOW: Fix bounds checking
2015-05-06  Francois-Xavier... RPL: Fix suboption print
2015-01-06  Guy HarrisCheck not just the capture length but the on-the-networ...
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisReport a too-long unreachable destination list.
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisNot using offsetof() any more, so no need for <stddef.h>.
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisFurther cleanups.
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisClean up error message printing.
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisAdd initial bounds check, get rid of union aodv.
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisDo more bounds checking and length checking.
2014-11-18  Guy HarrisDo bounds checking and length checking.
2014-10-23  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snapshot length when doing hex/ASCII...
2014-10-22  Guy HarrisStrengthen various bounds etc. checks.
2014-10-22  Guy HarrisDo bounds checking when unescaping PPP.
2014-09-23  Guy HarrisAdd PPI printing fixes.
2014-09-23  Guy HarrisFix PPI header and payload printing.
2014-09-05  Guy HarrisUpdate version now that 4.6.2 has been released.
2014-09-05  Guy HarrisDocument --with-sandbox-capsicum.
2014-09-05  Guy HarrisMark the most recent items as changes for 4.6.2.
2014-09-03  Michael Richardsontcpdump 4.6.2 release
2014-09-03  Michael Richardsonthese changes to aclocal let tcpdump, when build out...
2014-09-03  Michael Richardsoncomma in AC_MSG_ERROR confuses configure
2014-08-31  Guy HarrisClean up configure check for libsmi.
2014-07-19  Michael Richardsonnote changes tcpdump-4.6.1
2014-07-19  Michael Richardsonupdated VERSION for minor additions
2014-07-19  Francois-Xavier... update for missing line
2014-07-19  Francois-Xavier... update for good aligment in tcpdump.1.txt
2014-07-19  Francois-Xavier... add a short option '#', same as long option '--number...
2014-07-19  Loganaden VelvindronAdd support for FreeBSD capsicum sandboxing.
2014-07-08  Guy HarrisClean up the first-item handling a bit.
2014-07-08  Guy HarrisSquelch a Coverity warning.
2014-07-07  Guy HarrisGet rid of fetch whose result isn't used.
2014-07-07  Guy HarrisShorten a status text description.
2014-07-02  Michael Richardsonupdated VERSION file for branch tcpdump-4.6.0 tcpdump-4.6.0-bp
2014-07-02  Michael Richardsonupdated CREDITS and CHANGES file for 4.6.0 release
2014-07-02  Michael RichardsonRPL: print DAO flags (acK, DagID)
2014-06-25  Guy HarrisBoost the maximum snapshot length to 262144, for USBPcap.
2014-06-25  Guy HarrisDon't treat 65535 as the maximum snapshot length.
2014-06-25  Guy HarrisDon't assume the NFS request is aligned on a 4-byte...
2014-06-25  Guy HarrisAllow builds if libpcap doesn't have pcap_set_tstamp_pr...
2014-06-25  Guy HarrisGive more details for --time-stamp-precision.
2014-06-25  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #377 from msekletar/master
2014-06-21  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #396 from zorun/master
2014-06-20  Guy HarrisMake the table of long options const.
2014-06-20  Baptiste JonglezBabel: parse sub-TLVs even when they are larger than... 396/head
2014-06-15  Wesley ShieldsPrint priv drop msg here too.
2014-06-15  Wesley ShieldsMake droproot say something when successful.
2014-06-12  Denis Ovsienkodon't reinvent ND_TCHECK2()
2014-06-07  Denis OvsienkoPPP: reuse etheraddr_string()
2014-06-05  Denis Ovsienkofix bittok2str_internal() w/o separator (GH #391)
2014-06-05  Denis Ovsienkoupdate CREDITS
2014-06-03  Baptiste Jonglezremove stale comment
2014-06-02  Denis OvsienkoBabel: rewrite w/o print buffer rotation
2014-06-01  Baptiste JonglezAdd a decoder for the babel-rtt extension 371/head
2014-05-19  Guy HarrisCheck for pcap_free_datalinks().
2014-05-17  Francois-Xavier... tcpdump.c: error message must use stderr
2014-05-16  Francois-Xavier... Travis: add OSX support
2014-05-14  Michal SekletarIntroduce --time-stamp-precision 377/head
2014-05-12  Francois-Xavier... delete trailing spaces/tabs
2014-05-07  Guy HarrisSquelch warnings on OS X.
2014-05-07  Gisle Vanemalso tell OpenSSL and libsmi versions
2014-05-07  Guy Harrisopterr should default to 1, so illegal options are...
2014-05-07  Francois-Xavier... date update
2014-05-06  Guy HarrisDocument --version.
2014-05-06  Guy HarrisAdd --version to the usage message.
2014-05-06  Guy HarrisAdd a --version option, to print just version information.
2014-05-06  Guy HarrisEscape the second - in --number.
2014-05-06  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #387 from fxlb/packet-number
2014-05-06  Francois-Xavier... man: add new '--number' option 387/head
2014-05-06  Francois-Xavier... Print an optional packet number in the beginning of...
2014-05-05  Francois-Xavier... print-ether: print 'ethertype IEEE1905.1' instead of...
2014-05-04  Guy HarrisInclude <errno.h> on both Windows and UN*X.
2014-05-04  Denis OvsienkoAoE: add version 1 decoder (GH #298)
2014-05-04  Guy HarrisUNALIGNED is used in structures and must *always* be...
2014-05-03  Guy HarrisUpdate to autoconf 2.69.
2014-05-03  Guy HarrisClean up protocol ID printing.
2014-05-03  Guy HarrisBGP assumes octets, not bytes; no need to use NBBY...
2014-05-03  Guy HarrisDon't care about the Linux kernel version number.
2014-05-03  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #385 from qnet-herwin/cui
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisWe no longer have win32/Include/errno.h.
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisMerge git://
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #386 from gvanem/master
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisFor all options with arguments, mention the argument.
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisAdd some long options.
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUpdate WinDump.dsp 386/head
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUpdate WinDump.vcproj
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemCreate ether_ntohost.c
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUse proper declaration
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUpdate TESTonce
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUpdate inet_pton.c
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUpdate tcpdump-stdinc.h
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemDelete errno.h
2014-05-02  Gisle VanemUpdate tcpdump-stdinc.h
2014-05-02  Herwin WeststrateAdded support to print radius attribute CUI 385/head
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisSort options and put in notes for unusable option letters.
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisJust use #! /usr/bin/env perl.
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisDon't assume the Perl interpreter is in /usr/bin/perl.
2014-05-02  Guy HarrisSplit the OSPFv3 header and bodies into separate struct...