2021-11-29  Francois-Xavier... IPX: Add two length checks tcpdump-4.99
2021-11-29  Francois-Xavier... man: Update the date
2021-11-29  Francois-Xavier... man: Update the print interface for the packet count...
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... ZEP: Add three length checks
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Add a length check
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Rework the length checks
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... PTP: Use ND_LCHECK_U for checking invalid length
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo in ND_LCHECK_ZU definition
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... Add ND_LCHECKMSG_U, ND_LCHECK_U, ND_LCHECKMSG_ZU and...
2021-11-28  Francois-Xavier... lwres: Update a variable type
2021-11-04  Francois-Xavier... EAP: Fix some undefined behaviors at runtime
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoUse the correct section in CHANGES this time. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine GCC identification. [skip appveyor]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Add MAKE_BIN to allow non-default makes. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoDocument some OpenIndiana particulars. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Clean in ../libpcap only if present. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoFixup commit 604cd4a for OpenIndiana.
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoUse __builtin_unreachable(). [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoDo not define __EXTENSIONS__ if already defined. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Guy HarrisTell CMake not to check for a C++ compiler.
2021-09-29  Guy HarrisOn Solaris, for 64-bit builds, use the 64-bit pcap...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoUse basename() and dirname() right on FreeBSD. [skip...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoFix auto-enabling of Capsicum on FreeBSD with Autoconf...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a warning with Capsicum enabled. [skip appveyor]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Fix EXTRA_CFLAGS after commit cae0c65. [skip...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoDefine PRINTFLIKE_FUNCPTR() exactly for XL C. [skip...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Get randomness right in mktempdir_diy(). [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Put a misplaced comment right in [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Guy Harrisconfigure: special-case macOS /usr/bin/pcap-config...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoMove capdns from tcpdump.c to addrtoname.c.
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Handle EXTRA_CFLAGS w/o add_compile_options...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoLose two unused macros in diag-control.h. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Explain useful side effects of "-D" and "-J". ...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCMake: Add a way to request -Werror and equivalents.
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Port recent improvements from tcpslice. [skip appveyor]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoAddress some issues with XL C on Linux/POWER9.
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Make MATRIX_CC loop the outermost.
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Print dynamic dependencies early. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: GCC can appear as "egcc" on OpenBSD. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a noreturn warning on AIX. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine C compilers handling. [skip appveyor]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoMend "make check" on Solaris 9 (Autoconf only).
2021-09-29  Guy Harrisconfigure: use AC_COMPILE_IFELSE() and AC_LANG_SOURCE...
2021-09-29  Guy Harrisconfigure: use ac_c_werror_flag to force unknown compil...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoFixup the previous commit for GCC. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Guy HarrisSuppress "casting away const" warnings in missing/getop...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Add missing SC2006 squelch directives. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Import recent build matrix improvements. [skip...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoAdapt TESTrun constants for older Perl. [skip ci]
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoImport Autoconf/make and "make releasetar" fixes. ...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Run "make releasetar" regardless of the OS.
2021-09-29  Francois-Xavier... CI: Add back running tcpdump -J/-L and capture, now...
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Get Travis CI vestige sorted in
2021-09-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: List shared libraries on more OSes.
2021-09-29  ckishimoospf: add support bit Nt RFC3101
2021-09-27  Francois-Xavier... lwres: Fix a length check
2021-07-10  Denis OvsienkoCI: Lose the output folding props.
2021-07-10  Denis OvsienkoCI: Switch from bash to POSIX shell.
2021-07-10  Denis OvsienkoCI: Simplify some Coverity Scan props.
2021-07-04  Francois-Xavier... AppVeyor: Update Npcap SDK to 1.10
2021-06-23  Francois-Xavier... Juniper: Add some bounds checks
2021-06-23  Francois-Xavier... Update version to 4.99.2-PRE-GIT
2021-06-09  Michael Richardsonbump version and update CHANGES tcpdump-4.99.1
2021-06-07  Francois-Xavier... autoconf: Find a local libpcap even with rcX directory...
2021-06-03  Francois-Xavier... AppVeyor: Update Npcap SDK to 1.07
2021-06-02  Francois-Xavier... Use quoted include netdissect-stdinc.h instead of angle...
2021-06-02  Guy HarrisMerge Readme.Win32 into doc/ [skip ci]
2021-06-01  Francois-Xavier... Add the shellcheck target
2021-05-31  Francois-Xavier... Fix a shellcheck warning
2021-05-31  Francois-Xavier... Disable a shellcheck error
2021-05-30  Francois-Xavier... Add the build for release candidates
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{guess,sub}, timestamps 2021-01-25,2021...
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoHaiku is a supported platform. [skip ci]
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Remove PLATFORMS (was merged into
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoRefine and some related files. [skip ci]
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoRefine Markdown in [skip appveyor]
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoICMP: Fix a typo in a comment.
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Remove the no more used nd_print() function
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Zephyr: Update 'length' type to unsigned
2021-05-26  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo
2021-05-26  Denis OvsienkoRecommend using the upstream CI in CONTRIBUTING. [skip ci]
2021-05-26  Francois-Xavier... BGP: Use a macro for repeated identical sizeof()
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisFrame Relay: make the buffer big enough for the biggest...
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisCHANGES: list the most recent change. [skip ci]
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisFrame Relay: have q922_string() handle errors better.
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisCHANGES: update with additional changes in the 4.99...
2021-05-25  Guy HarrisARP: fix overwrites of static buffer in q922_string().
2021-05-25  Francois-Xavier... BGP: Fix overwrites of global 'astostr' temporary buffer
2021-05-17  Francois-Xavier... IEEE 802.15.4: Add a bounds check
2021-05-17  Francois-Xavier... IEEE 802.15.4: Add some bounds checks
2021-05-17  Francois-Xavier... ZEP: Add a bounds check
2021-05-07  Francois-Xavier... man: Update DNS sections
2021-05-07  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Add a bounds check
2021-04-26  Guy HarrisReplace ND_TCHECK_/memcpy() pairs with GET_CPY_BYTES().
2021-04-17  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Bump FreeBSD 13.0 up to the release.
2021-04-17  Denis OvsienkoCI: Remove the unused .travis.yml. [skip ci]
2021-04-12  Francois-Xavier... L2TP: Add a bounds check
2021-04-12  Francois-Xavier... IP: Add a bounds check before calling ip_demux_print()
2021-04-08  Denis OvsienkoForCES: Refine SPARSEDATA-TLV length check.
2021-03-31  Guy HarrisCMake: add stuff from CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to PKG_CONFIG_PATH.