2015-03-09  Michael RichardsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tcpdump_4_7_cve... tcpdump-4.7.2
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonprotected osi_print_cksum is more general fashion
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonannotate kday packets with CVE numbers
2015-03-09  Michael RichardsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tcpdump_4_7_cve...
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonupdate cve-2015-0261 test packets with expected output
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonupdate kday test packets with expected output
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonmake sure that EXIT code is appended to results file
2015-03-09  Michael RichardsonND_TEST2 should validate that l is non-negative
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonadded notes about CVEs that were fixed
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonsome patches to deal with kday pcap files
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonenumerate F_OP values explicitely, provide reference...
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsontest case for cve2015-0261 -- corrupted IPv6 mobility...
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonin some cases we expect tcpdump to fail with an error...
2015-03-09  Michael Richardsonbroken packets from Kevin Day
2015-03-08  Guy HarrisAdd a #define for the short options and put it above...
2015-03-05  Guy HarrisDo the dump file Capsicum stuff in a common routine. 440/head
2015-03-05  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #433 from wxsBSD/cap_fix
2015-03-05  Denis Ovsienkoadd/update some references in comments
2015-03-05  Denis Ovsienkoclean K&R style up in function declarations a bit
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisFix the pointer tests in the non-ndoified TTEST2()... 349/head
2015-03-02  Guy HarrisC compilers can, and some do, optimize away pointer...
2015-03-01  Guy HarrisDon't run past the snaplength when printing a packet...
2015-03-01  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{sub,guess}, timestamp='2015-02-2[23]'
2015-02-24  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{sub,guess}, timestamp='2015-01-01'
2015-02-24  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #435 from wolfgangkarall/sigusr1-man
2015-02-24  Wolfgang Karalldocument SIGUSR1 in manual page 435/head
2015-02-21  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow 1.0: address a Coverity warning
2015-02-21  Francois-Xavier... gitattributes: Update the attributes for tests/*.out
2015-02-20  Francois-Xavier... gitattributes: cleanup unused patterns
2015-02-18  Wesley ShieldsAdd CAP_FCNTL and use cap_fcntls_limit(). 433/head
2015-02-18  Guy HarrisCheck for pcap_dump_ftell() failing.
2015-02-18  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow 1.0: improve BSN extensions support
2015-02-18  Tommy BeadleFix issues with the setting of libcap-ng capabilities. 431/head
2015-02-18  Michael Richardsonminor changes to detect core dumps better
2015-02-17  Jesse GrossAdd additional test cases for Geneve.
2015-02-16  Francois-Xavier... DECNET: Fix segmentation fault
2015-02-16  Francois-Xavier... Travis: add 'make install' in the build script
2015-02-15  Francois-Xavier... Travis: install libcap-ng-dev lib
2015-02-15  Francois-Xavier... configure: add support for cap-ng package
2015-02-12  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #429 from mkirkhart/inverse-arp...
2015-02-10  Guy HarrisUse immediate mode if available.
2015-02-10  Guy HarrisMove pcap function checks to
2015-02-10  Guy HarrisThis is the trunk, and there's a 4.7.x branch, so call...
2015-02-09  Denis Ovsienkodroproot(): always print to stderr (GH #425)
2015-02-06  Guy HarrisSquelch a Coverity warning.
2015-02-04  mkirkhartFixed bug in arp_print() in handling of inverse arp... 429/head
2015-01-30  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow 1.0: add missing items to bsn_subtype_str
2015-01-29  Denis Ovsienkorefine 802.1Q VLAN TCI decoding
2015-01-27  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #422 from tbeadle/capng_changes
2015-01-27  Tommy BeadleMake sure to init capng before dropping root. 422/head
2015-01-26  Francois-Xavier... Fix a warning for 'strsep' function on Solaris
2015-01-18  Francois-Xavier... mkdep: It uses now the build environment PATH
2015-01-09  Francois-Xavier... Travis: avoid useless lines from 'brew' command in...
2015-01-09  Gisle Vanemcondition DOS/UNIX newline styles for Windows test
2015-01-08  Denis OvsienkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'bpf/master'
2015-01-08  Guy HarrisNo OPER-TLV are "empty TLVs".
2015-01-08  Guy HarrisProperly test ZERO_TTLV flag in otlv_print().
2015-01-08  Francois-Xavier... Travis: set git clone for libpcap to be faster and...
2015-01-08  Francois-Xavier... Travis: use the new 'quiet' option for git
2015-01-08  Denis Ovsienkoupdate an e-mail address in CREDITS
2015-01-08  Denis Ovsienkoamend recent changes to fix tests on Solaris
2015-01-06  Guy HarrisCheck not just the capture length but the on-the-networ...
2015-01-04  Denis Ovsienkoupdate the LMP test case for a Windows build
2015-01-03  Denis OvsienkoICMPv6: fix RPL DAGID printing (GH #418)
2015-01-01  Denis Ovsienkoadd a comment to print-openflow-1.0.c
2014-12-30  Denis Ovsienkoskip some tests when compiled with Capsicum
2014-12-29  Denis Ovsienkofix compilation on FreeBSD 10.1
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisAssume non-buggy getaddrinfo() when cross-compiling.
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisRegenerate configure script.
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisDon't check for cap_rights_init().
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisClean up bounds checking.
2014-12-19  Denis Ovsienkoupdate a comment: TCP Fast Open is now an RFC
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisOnly print the incorporated IP packet if there is one.
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisDissect the IPv4 header if the version is wrong, but...
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisDon't dissect a header with a version field != 4.
2014-12-19  Guy HarrisAlways fill in the buffer on a successful return from...
2014-12-18  Guy HarrisClean up length checks.
2014-12-18  Guy HarrisFix length checking.
2014-12-18  Guy HarrisDo more length checking. From OpenBSD.
2014-12-18  Guy HarrisCheck whether the version field is available before...
2014-12-17  Francois-Xavier... Travis: minor update
2014-12-17  Francois-Xavier... Fix some typos
2014-12-17  Francois-Xavier... ForCES: update reference from draft to RFC5810 416/head
2014-12-15  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow: handle 5 more BSN subtypes
2014-12-13  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow: improve vendor message decoding
2014-12-13  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow: add vendor name printing
2014-12-11  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo
2014-12-09  Francois-Xavier... BOOTP/DHCP: fix "Unchecked return value" found by Coverity
2014-12-08  Francois-Xavier... OLSR: fix "Unchecked return value" found by Coverity
2014-12-08  Francois-Xavier... CDP: fix "Unchecked return value" found by Coverity
2014-12-01  Francois-Xavier... DHCP: decoder for the TFTP Server Address option (RFC5859)
2014-12-01  Francois-Xavier... BOOTP/DHCP: fix some spaces/tabs and indentation
2014-11-30  Michael RichardsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2014-11-28  Francois-Xavier... DHCP: decoder for the User Class option (RFC3004)
2014-11-27  Francois-Xavier... DHCP: do not print the option and the length twice...
2014-11-24  Francois-Xavier... BGP: fix a typo
2014-11-24  Guy HarrisMerge git://
2014-11-20  Francois-Xavier... CHANGES: add the DCCP update
2014-11-20  Francois-Xavier... tests/dccp_partial_csum_v*.out: update according two...
2014-11-20  Francois-Xavier... DCCP: fix printing and indentation