2016-10-26  Michael Richardsonupdated CHANGES for 1.8.0 tcpdump-4.8.0-bp
2016-08-01  Michael RichardsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2016-07-29  Guy HarrisUse PRIx64 to print a 64-bit number in hex.
2016-07-29  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #534 from MisterDA/hncp-20160728
2016-07-28  Jean-Raphaël... Add test for HNCP. 534/head
2016-07-28  Jean-Raphaël... Printer for HNCP (RFCs 7787 and 7788).
2016-07-21  Michael Richardsonbumped version
2016-07-19  Francois-Xavier... RPKI/Router: Add a return value check for "fn_printn...
2016-07-19  Francois-Xavier... RESP: Fix Coverity warnings
2016-07-14  Guy HarrisAllow building with libcrypto not in the default directory.
2016-07-11  Jesse GrossUpdate list of Geneve option classes. 530/head
2016-07-11  Jesse GrossFix error message with invalid Geneve option length.
2016-07-11  Denis OvsienkoICMP6 RPL: don't use inet_ntop()
2016-07-11  Denis Ovsienkouse a mnemonic constant in rpl_daoack_print()
2016-07-11  Denis Ovsienkocall ipaddr_string() instead of getname()
2016-07-11  Denis Ovsienkocall ip6addr_string() instead of getname6()
2016-07-10  Michael RichardsonMerge pull request #528 from mcr/master
2016-07-09  Michael Richardsonadded some minor protection against multiple inclusion 528/head
2016-07-09  Michael Richardsondagid is always an IPv6 address, not an opaque 128...
2016-07-04  Francois-Xavier... RSVP: Add bounds and length checks
2016-07-04  Francois-Xavier... OSPF: Do more bounds checking
2016-07-04  Francois-Xavier... OSPF: Fix printing 'ospf_topology_values' default
2016-07-04  Francois-Xavier... RSVP: Add a bounds check
2016-07-03  Michael Richardsondagid is always an IPv6 address, not an opaque 128...
2016-07-01  Guy HarrisDon't use strcasecmp(), use ascii_strcasecmp().
2016-06-30  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #526 from superjamie/Cflag-Wflag...
2016-06-29  Jamie BainbridgeDon't accept zero -C or -W options 526/head
2016-06-27  Guy HarrisSquelch a compiler warning.
2016-06-23  Guy HarrisMinor coding style tweak.
2016-06-23  Guy HarrisHandle OpenSSL 1.1.x.
2016-06-02  Gisle Vanemamend integer argument type (GH#521)
2016-05-16  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #519 from dionbosschieter/updatePost...
2016-05-16  Dion BosschieterChange -z command help text to -z postrotate-command 519/head
2016-04-26  Denis Ovsienkoupdate CREDITS
2016-04-26  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #515 from adarqui/typos
2016-04-26  Andrew DarquiJust fixes a few typos and grammatical issues: 515/head
2016-04-26  Guy HarrisUse strtol(), not atoi(), to parse integral values.
2016-04-26  Andrew DarquiInitial support for the REdis Serialization Protocol...
2016-04-14  Guy HarrisSquelch a signed vs. unsigned comparison warning.
2016-04-14  Guy HarrisGet rid of set-but-not-used variable.
2016-03-25  Guy HarrisClean up version test.
2016-03-25  Guy HarrisMake sure the length of the header is valid.
2016-03-22  Francois-Xavier... Restore alphabetical order in and netdissect.h
2016-03-22  bugyoAdd printing function for Generic Protocol Extension...
2016-03-20  Guy HarrisWe have to set the filter on every new file.
2016-03-20  Guy HarrisDon't recompile the filter if the new file has the...
2016-02-13  Guy HarrisHave one switch statement, not two, for radiotap fields.
2016-02-13  Guy HarrisDon't overwrite the destination IPv6 address for routin...
2016-02-13  Guy HarrisPass an adjusted struct pcap_pkthdr to the sub-printer.
2016-02-13  Guy HarrisAdd some packet-length checks.
2016-02-12  Guy HarrisFix check against snapshot length.
2016-02-06  Francois-Xavier... Add three test cases for already fixed CVEs
2016-01-31  Francois-Xavier... VXLAN: Add a bound check
2016-01-31  Francois-Xavier... VXLAN: Add a test case
2016-01-28  Francois-Xavier... CONTRIBUTING: Update about invalid packets
2016-01-28  Francois-Xavier... Change istr[] (for invalid string) to be global
2016-01-12  Guy HarrisDon't do the DDP-over-UDP heuristic check up front.
2016-01-11  Guy HarrisFix the radiotap printer to handle the special bits...
2015-12-31  Guy HarrisUse the new debugging routines in libpcap.
2015-12-28  Denis OvsienkoRSVP: squelch a compiler warning
2015-12-28  Guy HarrisI suspect an INTEGRITY object in a submessage covers...
2015-12-28  Guy HarrisIf HAVE_LIBCRYPTO isn't defined, define a stub signatur...
2015-12-28  Guy HarrisWe no longer need <stdlib.h> as signature_verify()...
2015-12-28  Guy HarrisHave signature_verify() do the copying and clearing.
2015-12-28  Guy HarrisDon't overwrite packet data when checking the signature.
2015-12-22  Guy HarrisConsistently use tabs for indentation.
2015-12-17  Denis Ovsienkoupdate last modified date in man page(s)
2015-12-17  Francois-Xavier... There is no need to use strdup() for options
2015-12-17  Guy HarrisThe last 2 bytes of an Ethernet header are the "length...
2015-12-16  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Print the Length/Type field as length when...
2015-12-16  Denis OvsienkoMerge pull request #471 from qnet-herwin/radius_port1700
2015-12-16  Guy HarrisDo more bounds checking.
2015-12-15  Francois-Xavier... Fix some leaks found by Valgrind/Memcheck
2015-12-15  Guy HarrisUse uintptr_t to look at the bits of a pointer.
2015-12-15  Herwin WeststrateTranslate UDP/1700 as RADIUS 471/head
2015-12-14  Francois-Xavier... Harmonize TCP source or destination ports tests with...
2015-12-13  Guy HarrisCheck for fork/vfork failing.
2015-12-13  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #494 from RomeroMalaquias/master
2015-12-13  Romero MalaquiasAvoiding conditional directives that break statements 494/head
2015-12-09  Francois-Xavier... OSPF: Fix a segmentation fault
2015-11-27  Francois-Xavier... Add missing output files for MPLS/ICMP extensions captu...
2015-11-26  Francois-Xavier... UDLD: Fix "Unchecked return value" found by Coverity
2015-11-21  Francois-Xavier... VTP: Add bounds checks
2015-11-21  Francois-Xavier... LISP: Add and use istr[] and tstr[] strings
2015-11-20  Francois-Xavier... UDLD: Fix an infinite loop
2015-11-18  Guy HarrisWe only handle 4-part addresses.
2015-11-18  Guy HarrisSquelch a Coverity warning.
2015-11-18  Guy HarrisRemove debugging printouts.
2015-11-11  Francois-Xavier... ISOCLNS: Filter out non-printable characters 487/head
2015-11-10  Francois-Xavier... VTP: Filter out non-printable characters
2015-11-09  Francois-Xavier... RADIUS: Filter out non-printable characters
2015-11-09  Francois-Xavier... CDP: Filter out non-printable characters
2015-11-06  Francois-Xavier... RSVP: Add some bounds checks
2015-11-04  Francois-Xavier... ISOCLNS: Fix a segmentation fault
2015-11-04  Guy HarrisKeep our own Ethertype-to-name map.
2015-11-01  Guy HarrisMerge pull request #486 from loos-br/master
2015-11-01  Guy HarrisMissing comma in list of initializers.
2015-11-01  Guy HarrisBeginnings of 11ac radiotap support.
2015-10-31  Guy HarrisPRIu64 includes the "u".
2015-10-31  Guy HarrisWe need PRIu64 to print a uint64_t.