2017-07-22  Denis OvsienkoChange the version to 4.9.1. tcpdump-4.9.1
2017-07-22  Denis OvsienkoComplete the 4.9.1 section in CHANGES.
2017-07-22  Guy HarrisCVE-2017-11108/Fix bounds checking for STP.
2017-07-21  Denis OvsienkoAdd a section for future 4.9.1 release to CHANGES.
2017-07-21  Denis OvsienkoFix a bug in test scripts (exposed in GH #613).
2017-07-21  Guy HarrisClean up the output format description somewhat.
2017-07-21  Guy Harristcpdump can be of use for people who known nothing...
2017-07-21  Francois-Xavier... M3UA: Fix a typo
2017-07-21  Francois-Xavier... PPP: Fix a typo
2017-07-21  Denis OvsienkoFixup -C for file size >2GB (GH #488).
2017-07-21  Denis Ovsienkoupdate PLATFORMS
2017-07-21  Denis Ovsienkolist CONTRIBUTING in INSTALL.txt
2017-07-21  Denis Ovsienkoupdate CREDITS
2017-07-21  Denis Ovsienkoupdate PLATFORMS
2017-07-21  Guy HarrisDon't close a pcap_t until we're done with its error...
2017-07-21  Denis OvsienkoPrevent hyphenation for the e-mail address.
2017-07-21  Denis OvsienkoShow AddressSanitizer presence in version output.
2017-07-21  Denis Ovsienkorefine the feedback guidelines
2017-07-21  Denis Ovsienkoremove some trailing space
2017-07-02  Guy HarrisForce -t on in TESTonce.
2017-02-09  Luigi Rizzoadd CAP_EVENT for the libpcap device
2017-02-05  Guy HarrisGo to 4.9.1-PRE-GIT.
2017-02-03  Francois-Xavier... Fix changes for 4.8.1/4.9.0 releases
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoChange the version to 4.9.0. tcpdump-4.9.0
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2016-7985,7986/fixup medsa_print() tcpdump-4.9.0-bp
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add changes for 4.9.0 release
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisUse INT32_MIN to check for the smallest possible 32...
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... The option -n is useless in TESTLIST
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDiscard result of fn_printn() calls.
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5205/add a test case
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisCVE-2017-5205/Clean up parsing of IKEv2 Security Associ...
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisUse ND_TCHECK_32BITS() before EXTRACT_32BITS().
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5485/add the test case
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5486/add the test case
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisClean up white space.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisMake sure we have the entire option before printing it.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisUse fn_printn() to print strings.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisCVE-2017-5485/Fix lookup_nsap() to match what isonsap_s...
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisCVE-2017-5486/Do ND_TCHECK2 bounds checks on source...
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5484/ATM: fix an incorrect bounds check
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisAdd more checks.
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5483/SNMP: improve ASN.1 bounds checks
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5482/Q.933: add a missing bounds check
2017-01-18  Denis Ovsienkopass correct caplen to other functions as well
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5342/pass correct caplen value to ether_print()
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5341/OTV: add missing bounds checks
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2017-5204/IPv6: fix header printing
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... CVE-2017-5202/ISOCLNS: Add two bounds checks
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... CVE-2017-5203/BOOTP: Add a bounds check
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoTCP: put TCP-AO option decoding right
2017-01-18  Denis Ovsienkoamend the TCP authentication test case
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoTCP: add a test case for the previous commit
2017-01-18  Patrik LundquistCorrect TCP option Kind value for TCP Auth and add...
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisClean up the "have libsmi but no modules loaded" case.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDo better checking of RESP packets.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisClean up the object abbreviation list.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisJust handle COUNTER64 as a u_int64.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisMore bounds and length checks.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisUpdate the test results.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisFix bounds checks.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisRedo TLV bounds checking.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisMake sure the Opaque_Handle string is null-terminated.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisFixes to match the IEEE standard, and additional bounds...
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisFix bugs, add checks.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisUpdates for RFC 4379, bug fixes, and additional bounds...
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... SNMP: Add some bounds checks
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisAdd a bounds check.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDo bounds checks on NBNS resource types and resource...
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisFix some if statements missing brackets.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisBefore fetching the flags2 field, make sure we have it.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDo bounds checks when printing character and octet...
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add a test file for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDo length checking for the key ID of the enhanced auth...
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDon't overflow the Opaque_Handle buffer.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisAdjust for fix to TCP option printout.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisDon't run past the end of an NFSv3 file handle.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisTests for Frame Relay problems.
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... IGMP: Add a length check
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Fix indentation in "make check" output
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... ISOCLNS: Manage a test as GCC-specific
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Update a test output for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisConsistently use 4, rather than a sizeof, as the size...
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add a test file for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add a test file for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... CVE-2016-7934,7935,7937/RTP: Fix two segmentation faults
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... CVE-2016-7922/AH: Add a bounds check
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add a test file for the previous fix
2017-01-18  Denis OvsienkoCVE-2016-7938/ZeroMQ: fix an infinite loop
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... STP: Remove trailing spaces in output
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... STP: Filter out non-printable characters
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add a test file for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add test files for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Fix the interface capture length of some fuzzed pcap...
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Fix the file capture length of a fuzzed pcap file
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Add test file for a previous fix
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Fix the pcap version in some tests/ fuzzed pcap files
2017-01-18  Francois-Xavier... Fix a trailing tab
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisClean up signed_relts_print() some more.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisGet rid of some duplicated code.
2017-01-18  Guy HarrisTests for the relts changes.