2021-06-09  Michael Richardsonbump version and update CHANGES tcpdump-4.99.1
2021-06-07  Francois-Xavier... autoconf: Find a local libpcap even with rcX directory...
2021-06-03  Francois-Xavier... AppVeyor: Update Npcap SDK to 1.07
2021-06-02  Francois-Xavier... Use quoted include netdissect-stdinc.h instead of angle...
2021-06-02  Guy HarrisMerge Readme.Win32 into doc/ [skip ci]
2021-06-01  Francois-Xavier... Add the shellcheck target
2021-05-31  Francois-Xavier... Fix a shellcheck warning
2021-05-31  Francois-Xavier... Disable a shellcheck error
2021-05-30  Francois-Xavier... Add the build for release candidates
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{guess,sub}, timestamps 2021-01-25,2021...
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoHaiku is a supported platform. [skip ci]
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Remove PLATFORMS (was merged into
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoRefine and some related files. [skip ci]
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoRefine Markdown in [skip appveyor]
2021-05-27  Denis OvsienkoICMP: Fix a typo in a comment.
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Remove the no more used nd_print() function
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Zephyr: Update 'length' type to unsigned
2021-05-26  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo
2021-05-26  Denis OvsienkoRecommend using the upstream CI in CONTRIBUTING. [skip ci]
2021-05-26  Francois-Xavier... BGP: Use a macro for repeated identical sizeof()
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisFrame Relay: make the buffer big enough for the biggest...
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisCHANGES: list the most recent change. [skip ci]
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisFrame Relay: have q922_string() handle errors better.
2021-05-26  Guy HarrisCHANGES: update with additional changes in the 4.99...
2021-05-25  Guy HarrisARP: fix overwrites of static buffer in q922_string().
2021-05-25  Francois-Xavier... BGP: Fix overwrites of global 'astostr' temporary buffer
2021-05-17  Francois-Xavier... IEEE 802.15.4: Add a bounds check
2021-05-17  Francois-Xavier... IEEE 802.15.4: Add some bounds checks
2021-05-17  Francois-Xavier... ZEP: Add a bounds check
2021-05-07  Francois-Xavier... man: Update DNS sections
2021-05-07  Francois-Xavier... Ethernet: Add a bounds check
2021-04-26  Guy HarrisReplace ND_TCHECK_/memcpy() pairs with GET_CPY_BYTES().
2021-04-17  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Bump FreeBSD 13.0 up to the release.
2021-04-17  Denis OvsienkoCI: Remove the unused .travis.yml. [skip ci]
2021-04-12  Francois-Xavier... L2TP: Add a bounds check
2021-04-12  Francois-Xavier... IP: Add a bounds check before calling ip_demux_print()
2021-04-08  Denis OvsienkoForCES: Refine SPARSEDATA-TLV length check.
2021-03-31  Guy HarrisCMake: add stuff from CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
2021-03-31  Francois-Xavier... GeoNet: Add a ND_TCHECK_LEN() call
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoDon't try to run the DLT_RAW test on OpenBSD. [skip...
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoSquelch compiler warnings on OpenBSD. [skip appveyor]
2021-03-28  Francois-Xavier... ASCII/hex: Use nd_trunc_longjmp() in truncation cases
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoCoverity: Use an executable POSIX shell script.
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoCI: Apply more cleanups. [skip appveyor]
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine the build matrix scripts. [skip appveyor]
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoCI: Use libpcap.a on MATRIX_BUILD_LIBPCAP=yes. [skip...
2021-03-28  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Relabel the tasks for consistency.
2021-03-25  Denis Ovsienkoman: Update a reference as is gone. [skip ci]
2021-03-13  Francois-Xavier..., Use more the PREFIX variable
2021-03-13  Francois-Xavier... Uninstall the version stamped tcpdump
2021-03-13  Francois-Xavier... Fix "make clean" for out-of-tree autotools builds
2021-03-10  Denis OvsienkoRemove GENSRC remnants from [skip appveyor]
2021-03-09  Nikolay Edigaryev.cirrus.yml: quote strings in only_if expression
2021-03-09  Denis OvsienkoCI: Relax the branch filters back. [skip ci]
2021-03-09  Denis OvsienkoAppVeyor: Specify the same branches as elsewhere. ...
2021-03-09  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: Clean up. [skip ci]
2021-03-09  Denis OvsienkoCI: Switch Coverity Scan from Travis to Cirrus. [skip...
2021-03-09  Denis OvsienkoCoverity: Get HTTP status codes right. [skip ci]
2021-03-09  Francois-Xavier... VTP: Fix a warning
2021-02-27  Francois-Xavier... TCP: Add a bounds check before decoding the payload
2021-02-27  Francois-Xavier... TCP: Update the snapend before decoding a MPTCP option
2021-02-27  Denis OvsienkoOpenFlow 1.0: Get snapend right for nested frames.
2021-02-26  Francois-Xavier... DHCPv6: Update the snapend for nested DHCPv6 packets
2021-02-26  Francois-Xavier... ESP: Remove padding, padding length and next header...
2021-02-24  Francois-Xavier... MSDP: Print ": " before the protocol name
2021-02-24  Francois-Xavier... MACsec: Update the snapend thus the ICV field is not...
2021-02-24  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Allow the ppc64le job to fail
2021-02-23  Francois-Xavier... ICMP: Update the snapend for some nested IP packets
2021-02-23  Francois-Xavier... OLSR: Print the protocol name even if the packet is...
2021-02-23  Francois-Xavier... TESTrun: Show tcpdump version used for tests
2021-02-23  Francois-Xavier... Remove '-t' option for MACsec tests
2021-02-23  Francois-Xavier... Cirrus CI: Use on AMD64 Linux, FreeBSD...
2021-02-23  Francois-Xavier... Add the and scripts
2021-02-05  Francois-Xavier... SMB: Disable the printer by default with CMake build
2021-01-27  Denis OvsienkoEIGRP: Get the packet header fields right.
2021-01-04  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Use Linux Focal (Ubuntu 20.04)
2021-01-04  Guy HarrisRegenerate configure with the updated VERSION.
2021-01-04  Guy HarrisUpdate version.
2021-01-04  Guy HarrisUpdate CHANGES to reflect backported changes from trunk.
2021-01-04  Francois-Xavier... Fix a warning on Linux Alpine
2021-01-04  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Remove capture on architecture arm64 (not...
2021-01-04  Francois-Xavier... Run 'autoreconf -f' when buiding release
2021-01-04  Guy HarrisFix a build problem on the Linux Travis CI buildbot.
2021-01-04  Guy HarrisAdd ftmacros.h, defining various feature test macros...
2021-01-04  Guy HarrisSquelch some signed vs. unsigned warnings.
2020-12-31  Michael Richardsonfixed date in CHANGES file
2020-12-30  Michael Richardsonupdated VERSION in configure tcpdump-4.99.0
2020-12-29  Michael Richardsonset version to 4.99
2020-12-29  Guy HarrisUpdate my email address. tcpdump-4.99-bp tcpdump-4.99.0-bp
2020-12-28  Denis OvsienkoList more contributors in CREDITS. [ckip ci]
2020-12-28  Denis OvsienkoFixup existing records in CREDITS. [skip ci]
2020-12-28  Denis OvsienkoFill the 4.99.0 section in CHANGES. [skip ci]
2020-12-28  Denis OvsienkoAdd a missing space to doc/ [skip ci]
2020-12-28  Denis OvsienkoLose a leftover comment [skip ci]
2020-12-27  Francois-Xavier... Update VERSION to 4.99.0-PRE-GIT; Run 'autoreconf -f'
2020-12-26  Denis OvsienkoLose the HTON and NTOH macros. [skip ci]
2020-12-26  Denis OvsienkoCFM: Fix another typo in a comment. [skip ci]
2020-12-26  Denis OvsienkoList Linux properly and only once. [skip ci]
2020-12-23  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{guess,sub}, timestamps 2020-12-22
2020-12-22  Denis OvsienkoRefine some guidelines in CONTRIBUTING [skip ci]