2 days ago  Denis OvsienkoUpdate Guy's e-mail address in CREDITS. [skip ci] master
2021-09-14  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine GCC identification. coverity_scan
2021-08-17  Denis OvsienkoCI: Add MAKE_BIN to allow non-default makes. [skip ci]
2021-08-10  Denis OvsienkoLose stringification macros in search.c
2021-08-06  Denis OvsienkoRefine diag-control.h. [skip ci]
2021-08-05  Denis OvsienkoAddress compiler warnings on Solaris.
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoSquelch pointer conversion warnings in sessions.c.
2021-08-03  Denis OvsienkoCI: Get randomness right in mktempdir_diy(). [skip ci]
2021-08-02  Denis OvsienkoAddress a warning in extract_slice().
2021-08-02  Denis OvsienkoFix spelling in an error message.
2021-08-01  Denis OvsienkoSquelch more warnings from GCC on Solaris 9.
2021-08-01  Denis OvsienkoUse ctype functions properly.
2021-07-31  Guy HarrisFIx a typo in a comment. [skip ci]
2021-07-31  Guy Harrisconfigure: use ac_c_werror_flag to force unknown compil...
2021-07-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Improve OS and compiler identification.
2021-07-29  Denis OvsienkoCI: Print matrix progress to stderr.
2021-07-28  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Reduce freebsd-amd64 footprint a bit.
2021-07-28  Denis OvsienkoCI: Introduce and use TCPSLICE_TAINTED.
2021-07-27  Denis OvsienkoCI: Copy from tcpdump.
2021-07-23  Denis OvsienkoGet "make shellcheck" to pass again. [skip ci]
2021-07-22  Denis OvsienkoA recent AIX workaround had fixed Solaris too.
2021-07-21  Denis OvsienkoCI: Adopt some code from tcpdump/ [skip ci]
2021-07-21  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Install bc on linux-amd64.
2021-07-21  Denis OvsienkoCI: Work around some build issues on Solaris.
2021-07-18  Denis OvsienkoCI: Use run_after_echo for more commands. [skip ci]
2021-07-17  Denis OvsienkoWork around some build issues on AIX.
2021-07-17  Denis OvsienkoRemove two stray files from "make distclean".
2021-07-17  Denis OvsienkoHandle some build errors better.
2021-07-16  Denis OvsienkoCI: Name the temporary directories consistently.
2021-07-15  Denis OvsienkoCI: Introduce and use build_common.h.
2021-07-15  Denis Quote some pathnames properly.
2021-07-14  Denis OvsienkoCI: Always run "make releasetar".
2021-07-14  Denis OvsienkoCI: Make default assignments early and uniformly.
2021-07-09  Denis OvsienkoRewrite the README in Markdown. [skip ci]
2021-07-05  Denis OvsienkoCI: Lose the output folding props.
2021-07-05  Denis OvsienkoCI: Switch from bash to POSIX shell.
2021-06-15  Denis OvsienkoStart tcpslice 1.5-PRE-GIT. [skip ci]
2021-06-15  Denis OvsienkoThis is tcpslice 1.4. tcpslice-1.4
2021-06-03  Francois-Xavier... Coverity Scan script: Disable a shellcheck note
2021-06-03  Francois-Xavier... Coverity Scan script: Fix a shellcheck note
2021-06-02  Denis Ovsienkoshellcheck the Coverity Scan script too [skip ci]
2021-06-01  Francois-Xavier... Add the shellcheck target
2021-05-31  Francois-Xavier... Disable a shellcheck error
2021-05-31  Francois-Xavier... Fix two shellcheck warnings
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... CHANGES: About updating config.{guess,sub}
2021-05-27  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{guess,sub}, timestamps 2021-01-25,2021...
2021-05-26  Denis OvsienkoUpdate the 1.4 section in CHANGES. [skip ci]
2021-05-21  Denis OvsienkoFix compilation with OpenBSD libpcap.
2021-05-08  Denis OvsienkoCI: Simplify some Coverity Scan props. [skip ci]
2021-05-08  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Install more Linux packages for libpcap.
2021-05-08  Denis OvsienkoCI: Add MATRIX_BUILD_LIBPCAP to pass on FreeBSD.
2021-04-14  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Bump FreeBSD 13.0 up to the release. [skip...
2021-04-09  Denis OvsienkoCI: Remove the unused .travis.yml. [skip ci]
2021-03-31  Denis OvsienkoUse timeradd() and timersub().
2021-03-21  Denis OvsienkoCoverity: Use an executable POSIX shell script.
2021-03-20  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Lose an obsolete script step. [skip ci]
2021-03-19  Denis OvsienkoCI: Fixup a couple loose ends in
2021-03-19  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine the build matrix scripts more.
2021-03-18  Denis OvsienkoCI: Refine the build matrix scripts.
2021-03-14  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Relabel the tasks for consistency.
2021-03-05  Nikolay Edigaryev.cirrus.yml: quote strings in only_if expression
2021-03-04  Denis OvsienkoCI: Relax the branch filters back. [skip ci]
2021-03-03  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: Clean up. [skip CI]
2021-03-03  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Size the configurations down. [skip ci]
2021-03-03  Denis OvsienkoCI: Switch Coverity Scan from Travis to Cirrus.
2021-03-03  Denis OvsienkoCoverity: Get HTTP status codes right. [skip ci]
2021-03-02  Francois-Xavier... Add the release tarball to .gitignore and the 'clean...
2021-03-02  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: Allow the ppc64le job to fail.
2021-02-10  Francois-Xavier... Update the SETUP line printing
2021-02-09  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Use AMD64 Linux build only for Coverity...
2021-02-09  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo [skip ci]
2021-02-09  Denis OvsienkoCI: Move macOS [AMD64] from Travis to Cirrus too.
2021-02-09  Denis OvsienkoCI: Move Linux AMD64 from Travis to Cirrus.
2021-02-08  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Switch to [skip travis]
2021-02-08  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Build with less builders
2021-02-05  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Add more architectures
2021-02-04  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Condense the talk labels.
2021-02-04  Denis OvsienkoPut "cd" into a subshell in Makefile-devel-adds.
2021-01-28  Denis OvsienkoRefine some code style.
2021-01-01  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: Bump Ubuntu up from 18.04 to 20.04.
2020-12-29  Francois-Xavier... Delete trailing spaces/tabs
2020-12-24  Francois-Xavier... Update config.{guess,sub}, timestamps 2020-12-22
2020-12-17  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Bump FreeBSD 12.x up [skip travis]
2020-12-13  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo
2020-10-09  Denis OvsienkoFix spelling in a comment. [skip ci]
2020-09-08  Francois-Xavier... Fix a typo in a comment
2020-09-06  Denis OvsienkoSquelch a GCC warning. [skip ci]
2020-09-04  Denis OvsienkoCirrus CI: Sync with tcpdump and libpcap. [skip travis]
2020-09-03  Denis OvsienkoAdd a .mailmap file.
2020-09-03  Denis OvsienkoMake the snprintf() buffer larger.
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkoTell libooh323c in the "-h" message.
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkoAdd some parentheses to macros for consistency.
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkoConstify some function arguments.
2020-08-31  Denis OvsienkoSquelch some GCC warnings with ooh323c. [skip ci]
2020-08-27  Denis OvsienkoTravis CI: Compile with libnids.
2020-08-26  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Add the libosip2-dev library
2020-08-26  Francois-Xavier... Travis CI: Enable Coverity analysis
2020-08-26  Francois-Xavier... Update MAX_REASONABLE_PACKET_LENGTH to 262144
2020-08-25  Denis OvsienkoCI: Use parallel make.
2020-08-25  Francois-Xavier... Add a target in for Exuberant Ctags use